Six tips to dress right on a long flight

Rita Ohai Ohaedoghasi on tips to dress for flights

Riding in a plane 35,000ft above the ground often takes a step of faith; faith in the plane staying up in the air and in the pilots ability to navigate the big machine safely.

While you really want to focus your mind on being positive throughout the journey, you do not want to live through the ride with feelings of unease due to wearing the wrong outfit.

To help you get a grip on the art of feeling good and looking flawless on a plane, I’ve compiled this list of 6 steps to dressing for a long flight.

Choose the right underwear

Underwear…the one thing people take for granted while dressing for the road. When planning for a flight scheduled to take longer than 2 hours, avoid putting on items made from tight or scratchy fabric like nylon and lace which will keep you tweaking your knickers all through. Easy-to-wear textiles like cotton can save you a ton of embarrassment.

Make a little effort

Enroute Lagos and looking to be treated like royalty aboard a plane? Then dress fab! Putting a little thought in an attire can open doors of favour from the flight attendant or high-net worth passengers in the next seat. Although sporting a super glamorous look may be over the top, a touch of class reflected through the choice of clothing shows how much value one places on themselves and their time.

Wear dark colours

Aeroplanes usually have clean environments, however there are high degrees of bumping and squeezing which take place between passengers when getting on or off the aircraft. This shoving can lead to minor accidents and ruin a brightly coloured shirt. To stay safe, pick darker colours.

Keep the socks on

Before you leave your hotel room, check your purse for a pair of socks. Sitting in one position for a long period of time in a pressurized cabin can cause most people to retain water in their feet. In order to avoid the puffiness, try packing along a pair of stiff stockings known as ‘compression socks’. The firmness of these socks can prevent swelling and help regulate blood circulation around the legs.

Take a cardigan with you

It can get really cold in a cabin and just as it’s a great idea to protect the legs in-flight, it is equally important that top section of the body stays warm. Throwing on a cardigan is a good way to keep the body snug throughout the flight.

Comfy shoes

Soft ballet pumps for summer and fluffy boots for cold weather are the ideal footwear for an extended trip. Although some passengers would rather stick to the traditional sandals, they give your feet room to expand in-flight, leading to subsequent pain and swelling. If you decide to take off your shoes mid-air, ensure it’s only for a short period or put on your band socks to stay on the safe side.

With these nuggets I’ve just shared, your next flight should be a smooth ride. While we’re at it, I’d love it if you go ahead and read the next article after this one on my page. Thank you in advance ;)

**I first published this article on November 12, 2015 during my time as Head of Marketing at Jumia Travel here:



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