How to protect your family while on vacation

Rita Ohai Ohaedoghasi on how to protect your family on vacations

With the rising spate of security concerns taking place around the world, there’s no better time than the present to teach your family vital survival tips for emergency situations especially while on a vacation far from home.

Wondering what important steps you can take to keep your family safe while on the road? These are some things you should do;

Carry out some research

Make Google (or any other search engine) your best friend. Before you visit a new city or country, run a search on the internet about the latest happenings at your intended destination. Find out what the security agencies have to say about the locale. If they tag it a red-zone, do not go there. And try to share this piece of information with friends and family too.

Reach out to the Embassy

A lot of people avoid engaging with the government but they are the first point of contact when things go awry in a foreign land. Before you set out on a journey, register with the embassy who will alert you in the event of a threat. They will also provide you with adequate aid to help your family return home safely if a natural disaster occurs.

Watch the local news

Cable television is great but if you want to feel the pulse of your immediate environment, local TV should be your primary source of news. Keep tabs on social media sites who can alert you to activities taking place in your area. If you must go to a concert, check out the security detail in place and stay as close to the exit as you can.

Prep the kids

Trying to keep the kids safe in a dangerous situation can be a ton of work so it helps to train them to be alert for emergency scenarios. Show them how to dial the police number and follow evacuation. Have them memorise the address of your hotel room and phone number, carry your ID card always and show them how to find the nearest police station. This activity may scare them at the initial stage but it will preserve their lives if the time comes.

Keep your phones charged

While you may not want to be the dotting parent, it is important to ensure that your kids and spouse has their phone fully charged at all times. Invest in some portable power banks (popularly known as chargers), and store some cash for airtime in your purse as well.

Keep your pantry stocked

Once you arrive at your chosen destination, always stock up on water, dry foods, local currencies, a portable charger and flashlights even if you are staying at a 5-star hotel. If the power goes out or you get a message telling you to seek shelter, the last thing you should be caught doing is hunting for food.

Now that you’ve got the tips to stay safe during this travel season, I wish you an amazing time as you pack up those bags and head for the great outdoors!

Happy vacation :)

**I first published this article on November 25, 2015 here:



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