4 essential COMMUNICATION SKILLS to take your career to the next level.

In today’s world, if you want to be an effective leader, you need to excel in communication. Its a core skill to learn as you go up your career ladder whether as an entrepreneur or a 9 to 5 executive.

According to reports from human capacity development organisations, poor communication is one of the primary reasons teams develop low morale, miss performance goals, loose sales and eventually fall apart. Another study conducted by the International Labour Organisation found that both small and large companies loose as much as 60% in profits when their leaders do not communicate the company goals effectively.

But beyond the impact communication has on an organisations financials, for leaders, effective communication is what enables them rally their team around a shared vision, empower employees, build trust, and successfully navigate organizational change.

It is for this very important reason that you should pay key attention to these 4 vital skills and apply them in your everyday work and social life;

First is self mastery.

There is a growing consensus that shows that understanding your leadership style helps you know how to navigate your emotions intelligently and connect with the people around you. So this is necessary as the foundation for communication.

Next is to clarify your objective.

If you know your thoughts, feelings and clearly define the corresponding action you want the other party to carry out, then you are able to frame the information you’ve got properly and drive the conversation in the direction that will yield the most results.

And then develop the ability to keep quite and pay attention.

While this may seem easy in principle, not many people know how to sit still and silent long enough to hear the other party and really understand what they are saying. By keeping quite from time to time, you give your brain time to process the information you have just received so that you can then deliver an appropriate response which moves the conversation forward.

Last but not least, is to take the feedback you have received and apply it.

Its one thing to share information with other people but until you are willing to listen to and apply the feedback they have given, you really haven't completed the cycle. While communicating, through your tone and voice, be transparent enough to let the other party know that you have heard them and indicate that you will take action on the feedback they have shared with you.

Communication is at the core of effective leadership and if you want to influence and inspire your team, you need to practice these skills constantly through your verbal and non-verbal cues.



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Rita Ohai Ohaedoghasi

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